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Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels, including the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural and global dimensions of life. Positive Psychology covers “the good in life”… reflection about what we value most and the factors which contribute most to our well-lived and fulfilled life.

In recent years, Positive Psychology has gained an increasing amount of attention. This attention has resulted in valuable insights in what contributes to a happy and fulfilling life. In addition, Positive Psychology has given us many tools not only to flourish, but also to cope with difficult times in life.

 There are a number of ways you can achieve individual happiness…social ties with a spouse, family, friends and wider networks through work, clubs or social organisations are of particular importance. These are distinguished from strengths, skills and talents. Strengths come naturally to a person, skills are learned and talents are abilities characterised by a strong biological background.

 Most people are unaware of their strengths simply because they feel so ordinary that they stay outside our conscious awareness. It can also be argued that in today’s culture, awareness of our strength is biased by significant others, such as teachers, family and friends, who mainly focus on a person’s weaknesses rather than on the promotion of his or her strengths.

 If ignored, our strengths can atrophy, in the same way that a muscle, if not used, may wither.


Shane Horn Global specialises in educating and helping individual’s gain control of their work/life balance through education and real-life experiences with the healing powers of Positive Psychology. Contact Shane to arrange a complimentary and confidential consultation.

Get success out of your head and into your life

Get success out of your head and into your life

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